Financial Solutions  


We can help you plan for retirement, manage your money, plan for your child’s education or carry out a specific project.

Good financial planning includes a comprehensive and objective analysis of your financial situation as well as an action plan and recommendations that can help you enhance your wealth and achieve a certain level of financial independence.

Whether you seek to save for your retirement, to learn to better manage your personal debts, to plan for your children’s education or to carry out a considerable project, your advisor will have all the resources required to help you choose a solution that suits your situation. He will help you:

Define your financial objectives;

- Draft your personal budget and analyze your current status;
- Evaluate your needs and your future livelihood; and
- Determine the financial and fiscal strategies that will allow you to maximizing your net worth.


Having a succession plan and an updated will can save your beneficiaries a lot of trouble. We can help you plan efficiently.

To ensure that your wishes are respected, you must have a succession plan and an updated will. This will help avoid many difficult issues for your beneficiaries.

To do so, you must:

- Define the objectives of your succession plan;
- Determine your wishes (beneficiaries, asset distribution, tutors, etc.);
- Establish the financial needs of your beneficiaries, such as children’s education, mortgage plans, etc.;
- Evaluate your needs in case of incapacity; and
- Minimize the tax burden and maximize the cash flow available for your loved one.


ANB EXPRESS BANK LIMITED offers you a comprehensive range of banking solutions. We'll help you find the one that best meets your needs!

Clients of Investment Advisors at ANB EXPRESS BANK LIMITED - Wealth Management have access to the complete range of ANB EXPRESS BANK LIMITED banking solutions designed for individuals, families, foundations and companies. Whether you're looking for a solution for your everyday transactions, your financing needs1 or any other particular need you may have, we can help.
For your everyday transactions, ANB EXPRESS BANK LIMITED offers you a variety of attractive packages.

For your more specific banking, financing, travel or Medical Care AssistanceTM needs, our Wealth Management Financial Package2 offers you exclusive privileges. In addition, the monthly fees (for the transactions included in the packages) are very competitive. To find out more, talk to your advisor. When your portfolio becomes quite substantial and the day-to-day management of your banking needs becomes increasingly complex, your advisor can suggest exclusive and highly personalized Private Wealth 1859TM1 solutions. To find out more, talk to your advisor.


Having the right insurance coverage can make all the difference for your peace of mind, but you must first assess your needs and potential risks.

We all hope to live long and healthy. However, we can’t predict what the future holds, and that is why having good insurance coverage can make all the difference for your peace of mind, and that of your loved ones. For instance, your spouse may need ongoing health care and maybe you can provide for these services now, but what are you prepared for them once you are retired and no longer have access to the same income sources?

It is crucial to see to your financial security and that of your family today in order to avoid financial misfortunes in the event of death, illness or disability later on. To ensure that you have the right coverage, your advisor will guide you to an expert who will help define your needs by factoring in your potential risks. This analysis will allow you to establish and implement a strategy that is right for you.


We offer several services designed to complement our line of investment solutions: philanthropy, trust, fiduciary, etc.

ANB EXPRESS BANK LIMITED – Wealth Management offers you a full suite of services to complement our line of traditional investment solutions. We can advise you on:

- Philanthropy
- Cash management
- Currency management
- Hedging strategies for entrepreneurs
- Business management
- Foreign banking
- Real estate holdings valuation
- Business transfers
- Fiduciary trust services